Sunday, February 13, 2011

Withdrawal Method Sex Positions

Recent research has shown that the withdrawal method of contraception isn’t as useless as we all think it is. There is a common perception that using withdrawal (or "pulling out" as it's referred to) is as good as doing nothing, but most of us know that, in fact, this isn’t true -- it’s worked for most of us at least once, if not on a regular basis. Taking hormones and using condoms or diaphragms doesn’t work well for everyone for a variety of reasons, making the withdrawal method, in reality, a reasonably attractive option for many.

The 2008 research paper published in a recent edition of Contraception magazine shows that withdrawal is only 2% less effective than condoms. Condoms have a 2% failure rate, withdrawal has 4%. However, the real problems start when condoms, or withdrawal, are not used correctly, bringing the total realistic failure rate up to almost 20%. In saying all this, done properly, withdrawal is now a scientifically proved, reasonably reliable, contraception method for adults in trusting sexual or romantic relationships. However, it isn’t called coitus interruptus for no reason: Pulling out interrupts the flow of sex, and some people might find this unappealing. However, you can but try.
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  1. If a couple have Orgasm together,
    vagina will have strong involuntary contractions which will give strong movement to male organ and man has great pleasure at this point.
    Woman will have spinning sensation in brain and looses sense for a while and enjoy the organ in her for two minute during her recovery period. If male organ is withdrawn it will ruined the orgasm of female,
    So withrawal method will not provide pleasure to the couple.