Saturday, February 12, 2011

Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation is the process whereby a female "squirts" or "gushes" a significant and noticeable amount of fluid during sexual intercourse. Female ejaculation may or may not coincide with orgasm. Some women can learn to do it, but it can occur without practice. The source of the fluid is under scrutiny by the medical and scientific community.

It certainly isn't a new concept -- many ancient texts and artworks depict female ejaculation. The Kama Sutra and an old Chinese sexual textbook describes it, as do the paintings in ancient Indian temples. It has over the centuries been discussed by various researchers including "congenital sexual inversion in women is a perversion related to neurasthenia [mental health problems] and homosexuality" (Krafft-Ebing in a study of sexual perversion, 1886) and Freud in 1905 related female ejaculation to hysteria.

The fluid that is ejaculated is almost identical chemically to male ejaculate fluid, and is thought to originate in the Skene’s glands. This fluid does not have any lubricative function, and it is not urine.
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